Sonex Aircraft jet Completes First Flight

By | September 8, 2011

After some teething problems on the development side, Sonex Aircraft jet SubSonex eventually stolen. Small jet flying one seat for 14 minutes first in Oshkosh, Wisconsin last week. The first flight success as the founder and designer John Monnett SubSonex. He said the project will continue to spray and still hope to offer as a kit for customers.

Sonex Aircraft jet Completes First Flight

Wasting no time, SubSonex made five flights over two days after the first flight. So far all flights made by Bob Carlton jet flying gliders in front of a crowd every year Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Sonex is also based in Oshkosh. The Czech PBS SubSonex uses the same built TJ-100 jet engine used by Carlton on his glider. Small engines produce 240 pounds of thrust.

With the first flight from Mark Schaible Sonex conservatives said Carlton has some moderate expansion next flight envelope, “exploring the higher power settings, and level of ascent.”

No word yet on what the climb rate seen in the light jet.

Schaible said there will be changes before the final design of the prototype set. Here are some ideas that improvements should be added to the aerodynamic performance.

The SubSonex is the last plane that was developed by veteran aircraft designer. Monnett first made a name for himself designing cost-efficient aircraft and a small scale using Volkswagen engines. In the decade since he has built a thriving business that includes many designs for two seats in the Sport Pilot flight want performance – including aerobatics – on a budget.

Call SubSonex his “Walter Mitty project,” Monnett plans to offer the aircraft as a kit homemade, like others have Sonex family. With a lot of development still to be resolved, the price has not been set for the single-seat jet. Similar aircraft powered by the new VW corporate base engine cost less than $ 25,000. Price of jet engines may be variable with large SubSonex.

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Sonex Aircraft jet Completes First Flight