Tips to Booking a Cheap Flight

By | September 11, 2011

If anyone knows about getting a cheap flight deal. Here are some tips that I have used when booking cheap flights – I actually enjoy planning and booking my own holidays, and searching on the Internet for the best priced flight for many would be tiresome.

Tips to Booking a Cheap Flight

Book early

The majority of low cost airlines charge a fortune if you book your tickets a week or two before you want to travel – so book it as fast as you can.

Fly during the week

At the peak, ie at weekends and school holidays, ticket prices increased costs significantly, then try to leave and come back for a week during the school year – you would not believe how much money can you save – and more than likely that your accommodations will be cheaper too

Take some sandwiches

Low cost airlines do not offer frills experience, and as your ticket can be cheap, they charge money for food and drinks on board – to pack a sandwich and drink, and forget to pay the money.

Flight into the night

Flights that leave or return in the evening or early morning is the most expensive, and while this is not an easy time to fly, you’ll have good luck – a word of warning from experience, but make sure that your home will allow you to arrive in the morning or late at night, because you do not want blocked.

Carefully select airport

Just because EasyJet fly from the local airport, it does not mean they will be the cheapest – I have an experience where my local airport and Leeds Bradford airport, but it’s actually been cheaper to fly from Manchester – make sure you include additional costs to go to airport when working on what is cheap.

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Tips to Booking a Cheap Flight