The Rights of the Airline Traveler

By | September 18, 2011

Between your home and happy solitude on a beach in Cancun is theft. Designed to be a simple form of transportation, flights can be the difference between an amazing journey and the terrible journey from hell. We expect all the frills to be an afterthought on the way to a warm destination, but rarely. And because airlines have (realistic or not) that the company is big and strong, when something goes wrong, we are reluctant to speak. Maybe some of us feel it is not necessary because this problem will never be solved. Instead, passengers have the right and therefore the problem must be solved.

The Rights of the Airline Traveler

If you have confirmed your flight reservation and booking confirmation paper ticket or ticket agents can not be denied boarding the flight. They can not deny you, even if their computer is not in his footsteps. However, if you fail to appear for the flight and not to cancel bookings, the airline will assume that you do not need to order again. Includes all flight connectors.

Airlines make them big enough on the ticket “can not be restored”, and in fact, the rules vary from airline to airline. However, there are few hard and fast lines that apply to all sectors. First, buying tickets can be returned for cancellation can be used for another flight at a later date the only drawback is the airline may charge a cancellation fee .. refundable ticket purchase to be canceled will be credited to your credit card, it was purchased.

Each leaflet known their airline excess on purpose, so as not to come. Unfortunately, there are times when not everyone is up and airlines have to offer seats. In general, the first action plan is to ask passengers if they are willing to give up their seats and take a later flight. Volunteers are usually compensated with a reward flight, cash or other good. If no one come forward, then the plane is left to decide who will unintentionally exposed to theft. In such cases, passengers have been hit a few rights and it is the responsibility of the airlines to inform them of these rights. You have the right to retain your ticket and use it on the next flight, make other arrangements for travel and seek reimbursement of force, the more you are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience. However, if the airline has made arrangements to get to your destination within one hour of your original arrival time, so there is no compensation.

Air transport is an important and expensive, but that does not mean tourists have to bear the weight of increased costs and inconvenience of all time. After all, without passengers, there will be no airline industry. Fighting for your right to reasonable rights of airline passengers!

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The Rights of the Airline Traveler