Airport Hotel or City Airport

By | September 16, 2011

Hi travellers. In one of our previous posts we pondered over whether to stay over night at the airport or rather choose a hotel. Today we would like to find out if there is any substantial difference between airport hotels and other accommodations and we base our brief survey on Gatwick Airport.

Airport Hotel or City Hotel

London Airport (LGW) is the second largest international airport in the United Kingdom. It is located slightly over 45 km south of Central London so when having a one-day layover on your trip and choosing a hotel in the down town, take into account an increase of your travel expences by £28.80. This is the price of a return rail fare to Victoria Station.

Save for dormitories, which start at the level of £16, the offer of hotels in pas letenka euraLondon is immensly wide and covers everything from the average price of £35-£40 for one night in a single room mostly with shared bathroom in September.

A quick look on hotels at Gatwick airport reveals that it may be difficult to find single rooms below £60-£70. Some of the Gatwick hotels are located at the very airport, e.g. Hilton London Gatwick or Courtyard London Gatwick but typically they are not the cheapest ones. If you are lucky though, you may still get hold of some bargain accommodation. Right now, the last minute weekend prices start from £75 for 2-night stay in August. Other Gatwick Airport hotels required a little walk as they are located 0.25-3 miles away from the airport. Well, a walk with all your bags is not a brilliant idea to say the least. Add the costs of taxi.

So all in all, if you have a layover making it necessary to spend the night in London and do not fancy the idea of sleeping at the airport, look for some attractive last-minute offers from either the hotels near Gatwick Airport or accommodations at the airports. And click on the link to browse through various low-cost airlines and traditional carriers.

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Airport Hotel or City Hotel
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